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The Floater

The Out of Body Experiences of Allen Beamer

Allen Beamer had noticed that while he was out of his body that he was connected to a silver cord. Sometimes he dreamed that he was flying high over his house or to places he had never been. He always seemed to wake up with a jerk and the feeling of falling.  After some research on the subject, he began experimenting with what he found was called astral projection. Little did he know the dangers that he would encounter during his astral journeys and those whom he would meet on the way.

He met up with a Jamaican conjurer who warned him not to project too far and told him that if his silver cord was severed he would not be able to return to his body. In one of his projections, his cord was broken, and he was caught in limbo unable to get back. Jenny, his former girlfriend, was the only other person who knew where he was. She had to make a decision whether to project herself to find him or leave him to be trapped forever to roam the earth in his spirit body. The Charleston newspaper obituaries had been full of people in a certain area of town who had just died in their sleep for apparently no reason.



The Floater - Thomas Wayne